Sunday, November 22, 2009

RLC Endroses Bill Hunt

Republican Liberty Caucus

endorsement of

Bill Hunt for Sheriff
Orange County, California

The Republican Liberty Caucus of California works to advance the ideals of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise. We support candidates and policies that uphold these principles in order to secure a free and prosperous future for ourselves and our children.

The importance of the office of county sheriff cannot be overestimated. As the county's top law enforcement officer, the sheriff is not only charged with keeping the peace and providing for public safety, but also with implementing law enforcement policies. These policies will have a direct effect on the lives of all citizens. The leadership choices of the sheriff will determine not only whether we the people are safe, but also whether our Constitutional rights are respected and cherished, or disregarded and diminished.

With the above thoughts in mind, it is truly an honor for me to announce that the Republican Liberty Caucus of California is endorsing Bill Hunt for the office of Sheriff of Orange County. Of course, given the choices Bill has made over the course of his career in law enforcement, and Bill's clear commitment to the principles of our American Constitution and the rights it gives to all people in this country, deciding to support and endorse Bill Hunt was very easy.

I and the Republican Liberty Caucus call upon all citizens who value our individual rights and who value our limited and fiscally responsible form of government to support and vote for Bill Hunt for Orange County Sheriff in June of 2010.

In Liberty,

Matt Heath
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of California

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