Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RLCCA Convention on March 13 in Santa Clara

Dear RLCCA Members,

The 2010 Regular Convention of the Republican Liberty Caucus of California will be held in 60 days, on the evening of Saturday March 13 in Santa Clara, California. The exact time and place of the Convention will be announced later. The convention will be held at or near the location of the simultaneous convention of the California Republican Party.

As per Article 4, Section 5 of our recently amended Bylaws, at the convention elections will be held for 7 of the 11 seats on the RLCCA Board of Directors: 2 At-Large and 5 Regional Directors will be elected. (Elections for the 4 Officer seats will be in 2011.)

Any Regular RLCCA Member whose dues are paid may run for any of the 7 seats. Any Regular RLCCA Member whose dues are paid 30 days prior to the convention may vote in the elections.

Nominations are now open. Nominations, which must be seconded, should be submitted via email or mail to the Secretary at:

secretary@rlcca.org, or

Parke Bostrom
PO Box 800
Eureka, CA 95502

Nominations will close at 11:59pm, Saturday February 27th, 14 days prior to convention. This will allow for absentee voting in contested races.

Please see our Bylaws for details:


Please contact secretary@rlcca.org if you have any questions.


Besides running for one of the seven Director seats, there are at least two other ways you may actively become involved and support the work of the RLCCA.

The first way is to become an Alternate member of the Board. Alternate members can make motions and participate in debate during our regular monthly Board meetings. If a voting Board Member is absent from the meeting, the Chairman can designate an Alternate Member to vote in place of the absent Board Member. Our bylaws require that we have at least 3 Alternate Board Members, and at present we have only 1, so we have 2 vacancies. If you are interested in learning more, please contact secretary@rlcca.org.

The second way to become more involved is to become a member of one of the RLCCA Standing Committees. The committees are:

Candidate Review
Local Chapter
Communications and Public Relations
Finance and Fund Raising

Please see the descriptions of the Standing Committees for more


In my opinion, our Board meetings are amicably conducted and the current board will be very friendly towards any RLCCA Members who want to become more actively involved, either as Alternate Members of the Board or on one of the Standing Committees.

As always, please contact me at secretary@rlcca.org if you have any questions or wish to be removed from this mailing list.

In Liberty,

Parke Bostrom
Secretary, RLCCA

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