Sunday, July 18, 2010

The RLCCA Supports Proposition 19, Opposes Taxing Cannabis

California, July 19, 2010 - The Republican Liberty Caucus of California today announced both its support of California's Proposition 19, and its opposition to any regulation or taxation of marijuana. Prop. 19, on the ballot in November, changes California law to partially legalize marijuana and allow it to be regulated and taxed by local governments. Prop. 19 also prevents children and those under 21 years of age from gaining access to marijuana.

“Clearly the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle free men and women living on free soil to grow and smoke marijuana,” said RLCCA Secretary Parke Bostrom. “Prop. 19 respects this right, while at the same time highlighting that under our Constitution, the federal government does not have authority to control the sale and possession of marijuana.”

“While some Prop. 19 advocates are calling for taxes on marijuana (cannabis) as a means of managing the pain of California's chronic budget crisis, Prop. 19 itself creates no such taxes or regulations. The RLCCA recommends voting “YES” on Prop. 19, while at the same time strongly opposing any taxes and regulations that local governments may try to impose,” said RLCCA Chairman Matt Heath. “It is important that voters and politicians alike remember that even after Prop. 19 passes, Article 13C of the California constitution grants voters the opportunity to block each and every new tax proposed by local governments.”

“Prop. 19 helps restore freedom to adults over what they choose to consume. In addition, it will help reduce violence between rival drug gangs and law enforcement along the U.S./Mexico border,” said John Dennis, the Republican nominee in San Francisco's 8th Congressional District. “While not perfect, Prop. 19 is a big step in the right direction.”

The RLCCA is the state chapter of the national Republican Liberty Caucus which was founded in 1991 as a 527 political organization. The RLCCA works to advance the ideals of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise within the State of California and the Republican Party. The RLCCA supports candidates and policies that uphold these principles in order to secure a free and prosperous future for all Californians and their children. Learn more at

RLCCA Resolution Recommending YES on Proposition 19
(Legalize Marijuana)

Whereas controlling the sale and possession of marijuana is not a Constitutionally enumerated power of the federal government, but is instead a power reserved to the states; and

Whereas states that prohibit the sale of marijuana do infringe on personal freedom, and any efforts to enforce such prohibition erode civil liberties and waste taxpayer dollars; and

Whereas prohibition also concedes a monopoly to organized crime; and

Whereas taxation and regulation constitute an infringement on property rights and other vital liberties; and

Whereas Proposition 19 would legalize limited personal cultivation and possession of marijuana and empower local governments to legalize commercial production and limited retail sales; and

Whereas Proposition 19 does not directly impose any new taxes or regulations, but rather leaves those questions to local governments, subject to the taxpayer protections in Article 13C of the California Constitution; and

Whereas Proposition 19 is the only measure available this election that takes a positive step towards complete legalization;

Therefore be it Resolved that the Republican Liberty Caucus of California recommends voting YES on Proposition 19; and

Furthermore be it Resolved that the RLCCA rejects the implication of portions of Proposition 19 that special taxation and regulation of marijuana is appropriate, and once Proposition 19 is passed by the voters in November, the RLCCA urges local governments to fully allow the production of marijuana and its sale to adults without imposing special taxes or other limitations.

(Download the press release and resolution, PDF 61KB.)