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Dennis election to Chairman highlights RLCCA convention

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Dennis election to Chairman highlights RLCCA convention

SACRAMENTO, CA, March 20, 2011 - The Republican Liberty Caucus of California is pleased to announce the election of its new Chairman, John Dennis of San Francisco. Dennis sprang to national attention in 2010 during the course of his spirited campaign against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California's 8th congressional district. During his Congressional campaign, Dennis received the endorsement of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Paul said Dennis was “truly committed to Liberty, personal freedom, fiscal discipline, and a more sensible foreign policy.”

"I'm honored that RLCCA members chose me for this position. The RLC represents the core values of the Republican Party, and California is one of its most prestigious chapters," said newly elected RLCCA Chairman John Dennis.

Following Dennis's comments, Ward Connerly, delivered the RLCCA convention keynote address. Connerly is the founder and President of the American Civil Rights Institute, a national nonprofit aimed at educating the public about the need to move beyond race. Connerly spoke of race preferences and their effect on liberty, the discrepancy between the belief in a colorblind government and the official pursuit of “diversity”, and what the role of Republicans ought to be in the preservation of liberty with regard to race.

As a member of the University of California Board of Regents from 1993-2005, Mr. Connerly was instrumental in leading Board members to end the University’s use of race as a means for admissions. Connerly spoke of his experience battling against race preferences and for equality under the law for all residents in public education, public employment, and public contracting.

Also at the convention, incumbent officers Rick Jacobs and Parke Bostrom were reelected to the respective offices of Vice-Chairman and Secretary. Former Chairman Matt Heath was elected Treasurer. Sarah Fulka of San Bernardino was appointed to an At-Large Director seat. Four new alternates were elected to the Board: Daniel DeVaney, Nick Hankoff, David Johnson and Forest Baker.

The Saturday after the RLCCA convention, the RLCCA conducted a straw poll of 2012 presidential candidates at the state Republican convention at the Sacramento Hyatt. Texas Congressman Ron Paul won the poll with 17.8% of the vote. Former governor Mitt Romney came in second with 10.9%, and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin came in third with 7.9%.

Founded in 1991, the Republican Liberty Caucus is a grassroots 527 political organization that promotes the principles of individual rights, limited government and free enterprise within the Republican Party. Learn more at or

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