Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RLCCA supports "Regulate Marijuana Like Wine" signature gathering

California, October 4, 2011 - The Republican Liberty Caucus of California
announced its support for signature gathering for the "Regulate Marijuana Like Wine" ballot measure. If placed on the ballot and passed by California voters in 2012, the measure will end marijuana prohibition under California law, while legalizing commercial production, as well as small-scale cultivation for personal use, and sales
to Californians 21 and older.

The measure, also known as "Measure 1490 (11-0011): Marijuana Legalization",
has been cleared to circulate petitions in order to qualify to appear on the
ballot in 2012. To qualify, the measure must obtain 504,760 signatures by
December 19, 2011. The measure's authors are currently collecting signature
pledges and recruiting volunteers for their petition drive, which began on November 1.

Any registered voter in California is eligible to sign or circulate a petition. We urge our members and other concerned Californians to pledge signatures, help spread the word, and consider volunteering or donating to the campaign. Signup to pledge, donate, and volunteer at regulatemarijuanalikewine.com. After Nov 1, petition forms will also be available at that website to print, sign, and mail back.

Passing this measure would be a major step forward for personal liberty.

California law would recognize that marijuana, like wine and beer, is an
agricultural product with legitimate uses which adults should be trusted to
enjoy responsibly.

Organized crime would lose its monopoly on the marijuana business.
Law enforcement resources would be freed from the burden of enforcing
prohibition and made available to protect the public from more serious

Medical marijuana patients would enjoy improved access to their medicine.
Californians would be able to enjoy responsible recreational use without
violating state laws.

State and local government could collect hundreds of millions of dollars in
new sales tax revenue without raising tax rates.

Passing this measure would also serve as a positive example to other states,
and would increase pressure on the federal government to recognize the
rights of the people of each state to decide matters such as this for

Please support the ballot measure volunteering today at

The RLCCA works to advance the ideals of individual rights, limited
government, and free enterprise within the State of California and the
Republican Party. The RLCCA supports candidates and policies that uphold
these principles in order to secure a free and prosperous future for
ourselves and our children. Learn more at www.rlcca.org.


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