Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pepper Draper Candidate Statement

Pepper Draper is one of two candidates running for RLCCA Secretary.  The views expressed in the below statement are Ms. Draper's and do not necessarily reflect official positions of the RLC.

Pepper Draper's candidate statement:

The greatest danger to our Liberty Caucus and Liberty Movement comes from within. Traitors are now endorsing Romney and Reince Priebus instead of our Liberty candidates including Ron Paul who was  a certified Write In candidate in California as a result of my work and the work of more than 500 liberty loving Plaintiffs in our 50 State Write In Case, and California voters . Traitors in effect also blocked the nomination of our Liberty Candidate Mark Willis for RNC Chairman.

The most important responsibility of our Statewide Officials must be to speak out clearly against these traitors and to remove traitors from our Liberty Caucus in accordance with the Bylaws which provide for Removal for Just Cause.

We can never compromise the core values of our Liberty Movement. I did not hear my opponents voice on this critical issue.  I have experience not only as a Plaintiff in national Liberty Cases, but also as a State Delegate and Precinct Committee Member in my former State of Arizona where without compromise we successfully installed a liberty State Party Chairman. We never allowed the establishment to bully us.

Traitors who endorsed Romney and Priebus have made it known they are willing to betray us again and again. I will work to stop and exclude them while giving them a second chance if they cease this conduct.

Vote for Pepper Draper if you want Liberty in California to stand by the core values we fought for.

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